About Us


Instant Logistics has local port knowledge and hands-on management. We desire to build an enduring service relationship with our customers. We take the time and efforts to understand you and your business, to provide you best in class shipment arrival or departure experience.

Our counterparts are trusted international providers for shipments ensuring that same care would be taken during the entire process of all your shipments.

Our employees are experienced in freight forwarding process which include import\export documentation and requirements for all types of cargo.


Instant Logistics has a goal-oriented vision. With a view of being the preeminent provider of logistics solutions in Nordic Regions, we are currently evolving as a global market leader in transport and logistics solutions. As a part of our goals, we proactively seek new business opportunities. In this process of evolving, we keep a balance between providing best in class service to our existing customers and finding new possibilities.


We provide innovative supply chain solutions for global sea, air and road transportation as well as certain other ace services, in order to fulfill our customers demand for a personal and professional shipment. To provide best in class service by ensuring zero-defect quality logistics backed up by advanced computer technology, thereby deriving total contentment experience for our customers.


  • Problem.
  • Resources available throughout our assistance.
  • Senior management support.
  • Goals, short term and long-term.


  • Create enduring solutions.
  • Selection amongst all the available options.


  • Available data.
  • Importance of the available data.
  • Create additional data points to verify our assumptions.
  • Measurement against our peers, our industry, etc.


  • Implementation of right solutions.
  • Ensuring that the solution endures.


  • Clearance of Re-imports / Re- Exports consignments.
  • Clearance of General Cargo including Dyes, Chemicals, Pharmaceuticals,Bulk Drugs, Pigments, Toys, Machinery Spares, Newsprints , Cotton Bales,Polyester Staples Fiber Yarns, Copper Bars, Aluminum Ingots, Scraps, EPCG consignments, Synthetic Resin and Plastic, Rubber, Electronic Items, Second-hand Machinery, Automobile Parts, Home Appliances etc.irrespective of size/quantity under Home Consumption/ Bond Bill of Entry.
  • Clearance of samples consignments, personal Baggage, etc.
  • Registration and clearance of 100% E.O.U. Consignments.
  • Arranging Government approved Bonded Warehouse within/outside city Limits of Mumbai.
  • Clearance of Transhipment of Ship Spares from Air Cargo to Mumbai Port/ JNPT.